Installation - we offer wide selection of wood types, including exotic wood, different widths and grades. You may be sure to find something to suit your needs, decoration style and budget .

Sanding - Most existing hardwood floors require 2 or 3 sandings. The first and second one removes old finish and sanding marks. The final one polishes the floor in preparation for smooth finish.

Finishing – we know how important the right finish is fora durable and beautiful looking floor. It protects wood from wear, dirt and moisture, giving it a rich color and shine. We are proficient in the application of oil base and water-base polyurethane. Let us help you choose the right finish for you.

Recoating - To ensure your floors look new at all times,we recommend applying more finish every one to three years depending on the traffic.

Stair care - finishing, staining, recoating.

At Bela's Hardwood Flooring & Supplies, LLC we provide
a wide range of residential and commercial hardwood floor services:

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